about me


Hi, I’m Christine! I’m originally from New York, but Washington, DC has become mine & my fiance’s second home for the past 9 years. I grew up in an all Italian family, which meant spending a lot of time in the kitchen surrounded by food. I was taught to cook by my grandmothers & mom at an early age. I’m an architect in training who loves to create things, whether buildings or food. I studied abroad in Paris where I fell in love with french cooking & ate pastries pretty much every day (for research obviously). I am self-taught & constantly learning. I obsessively collect cookbooks & binge watch the food network.

about my food

The majority of the food I cook is Italian & American, but I love learning new cuisines. I also love to bake & figure out how to make simple ingredients from scratch. I don’t eliminate anything from my cooking; I concentrate on holistic ingredients, macronutrients, and moderation. Bite your Cravings is concentrated on combining comfort food and clean eating. By embracing our cravings, we can find a long term balance between “healthy” and “unhealthy”. Sometimes nothing will replace comfort food, but other times we can tweak it & substitute ingredients. That way, we’re never depriving ourselves of what we want, feeling guilty, or unsatisfied. I’m so excited to share my recipes & what I continue to learn along the way!