How to lose fat while still eating the foods you love?

{Is that even possible?}

The truth is, weight loss is simple. But there’s so many things that make it overcomplicated.

If you’re tired of feeling defeated after quitting yet another diet, frustrated with losing the same two pounds over & over again...

Exhausted of saying no to every doughnut you see, jealous of watching people enjoy foods YOU love too...

and worst of all, feeling like you're at odds with yourself...

Find food freedom

Stop feeling like you have to choose between your favorite foods & the size of your jeans

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    Jada Voyager

    Weight Loss
    Starter Kit

    If you want to get out of this vicious cycle with your mind, the scale, & ultimately your weight so that you can find freedom with what you eat & confidence in the mirror - my totally FREE weight loss starter kit will show you a better way.


    • Over-restricting foods you love
    • Feeling defeated by the number on the scale
    • Feeling dissatisfied by what you're eating
    • Losing the same two pounds over and over
    • Struggling with the image you see in the mirror
    • Feeling like weight-loss may as well be rocket-science...

    ...Then enter your email above for your free kit to learn why all you're previous attempts may have failed & what you're missing

    How & What does it include?

    14 pages filled with:

    • A simple education on the science behind weight loss pertaining to energy balance
    • Week long meal plan eating delicious food that will help you create a calorie deficit
    • An intake calculator that will tell you exactly how much you should eat to lose weight & how to adjust the meal plan for YOU
    • Grocery shopping list for all the meals (the work is done for you)
    • Easy & simplified meal prep directions
    • Tips, tricks, & solutions to common roadblocks (like plateaus)
    • Ideas for incorporating fitness

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